Unleash AI's Potential in Software Development

By Guided AI Integration

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Industry-Validated Use Cases

Dive into an assortment of success stories where AI technology has made a significant impact. Our library of industry-validated use cases demonstrates practical and innovative applications of AI, highlighting the tangible benefits realized by businesses.

  • Requirements elicitation
  • Writing documentation
  • Writing unit tests
  • Refactoring code

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For Businesses

Integrate AI Seamlessly into Your Teams

Looking to streamline operations or enhance creativity within your team? We provide expert consultation tailored to navigate the nuances of AI integration, ensuring a smooth transition and maximizing productivity.


Practical Guidelines

Navigate the vast sea of AI tools with our curated, practical guidance.


Staged Integration

AI integration shouldn't disrupt your workflow. Our approach respects your project's integrity and your team's learning pace, ensuring a seamless and efficient adoption journey.


Measurable Results

We value evidence-based success. Utilizing the SPACE and DORA frameworks, we ensure our impact on your projects is clear, quantifiable, and always forward-moving.


Confidentiality and Security

Understanding the paramount importance of data confidentiality and privacy, we offer on-premise AI models and tools to ensure your business information remains secure and under your control.

For Engineers

Unlock AI's Full Potential

Diving into AI but not sure where to start? Our community-driven knowledge base is your ultimate guide. From crafting requirements documentation, to writing code and unit tests, explore use-cases shared by fellow engineers.

  • Tools
  • Use cases
  • Workshops
  • Community

Get Started

Begin your exploration with the most popular tools.

Next, read the associated materials with the tools gathered in the reading list.

Then, start learning from this database of use cases We recommend beginning with Writing unit tests, Writing documentation from existing code, and Refactoring code.

If you wish to contribute, you can choose any use case or check out our hypotheses list. For instance, Diagram of classes helps Assistant understand the code base more abstractly, and then submit your first experiment.

Learn together

  • Expand Your Skill Set: Learn unexplored AI technologies and methodologies under the mentorship of more experienced peers.
  • Early Adoption: Get firsthand experience with the latest AI technologies, securing an early adopter advantage.
  • Stay Ahead: The AI landscape is ever-changing. Contributing keeps you at the forefront of emerging tools and practices, ensuring you're always ahead of the curve.

Join the movement. Be part of defining the future of software development with AI.


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Roman Kagan


CTO with 6 years of experience building a company evaluation from 0 to $30m. Saved $0.5m with process automation. PMP


Ilia Gamtsemlidze

Partner, Consultant

Project manager with 7 years experience in large-scale projects of over $150m budget. Saved up to $15m in nuclear power plant construction project. PMP, ISO 9001 Lead Auditor.


Valeria Podarueva

Data privacy and confidentiality expert with over 5 years in the field of privacy regulation and engineering. CIPP/E, CIPT