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Continue is an open-source autopilot for VS Code and JetBrains that provides task and tab autocomplete, answers coding questions, allows editing in natural language, and generates files from scratch. It also offers experimental support for local tab autocomplete in VS Code, built-in context providers, and slash commands, with options to create custom context providers and slash commands.

Context Control

Continue provides extensive control over context. It can automatically determine the context from your codebase or allow you to manually highlight relevant code sections.

There are numerous built-in context providers:

  • Git Diff: Retrieves all changes made to the current branch.
  • Terminal: Brings the IDE's terminal contents into context.
  • Documentation: Indexes and retrieves snippets from documentation sites.
  • Open Files: References contents from all open files or only pinned ones.
  • Codebase Retrieval: Automatically retrieves the most relevant code snippets from your codebase.
  • Folders: Works like codebase retrieval but is limited to a single folder.
  • Exact Search: Uses ripgrep-powered search results from the codebase as context.
  • File Tree: Displays the project's nested directory structure.
  • Google: Uses Google search results as context.
  • GitHub Issues: Includes conversations from GitHub issues.
  • Jira Issues: Includes conversations from Jira issues.
  • Code Outline: References the outline of all currently open files, including function and class definitions.
  • Code Highlights: Refers to 'highlights' from open files, computed using the 'repomap' technique.
  • PostgreSQL: References the schema and sample rows from PostgreSQL tables.
  • Database Tables: References table schemas from various databases, including PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite.

You can use these built-in context providers or create your own to tailor the context to your specific needs.