JetBrains AI

JetBrains AI

JetBrains AI

JetBrains AI is a tool designed to enhance the software development experience by integrating AI-powered features directly into JetBrains IDEs.

First release date December 6, 2023


Currently, AI Assistant uses OpenAI’s GPT-4 and GPT-3.5 models, as well as models trained by JetBrains. We continuously test new models and will add further LLM providers in the future. For on-premises scenarios, AI Assistant will be served by the specific platform’s LLM, such as Azure OpenAI.


Files cannot be explicitly added to the context in GitHub CopilotGitHub Copilot . The context is determined automatically with no clear information on how.

Not only are the contents of the current file used as part of the prompt, but also all of the relevant contextual information like the language and dependencies, recently used files, and the relationships between different parts of your project.

You can reference specific files in your prompt, such as "Check the function run.js in the file main.js", but it doesn't guarantee that JetBrains AI will include this file in the context.


Add your own prompts to prompts library



  • Prompts can be customized
  • Chat function is available to all users by default


  • There's no control over context in the Chat function
  • Autocomplete performance is not as robust as Copilot, latency is higher